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The Hungarian office is one of the newest in Leinonen Group. We started our operations in the autumn of 2011. We establish our offices in a similar way in each new country in order to preserve our processes and maintain the quality of services at the highest level. We came to Hungary because we want to serve  existing and new customers better by providing a wider network of offices.

We have experience of challenging markets in difficult times, not only when business is all plain sailing. With this knowledge we hope to help you and your business as our client. Hungary is a very competitive market, especially in the service sector. However, based on our experience so far, we believe that there is always demand for high quality accounting service. 

Our clients represent different nationalities and vary in their size and fields of operation.
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Leinonen Hungary - Reliable Expertise For Business In Hungary

Hungary, in the heart of Europe, member of the European Union with easy access to all its markets, provides the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU. Its geographical location, political stability and growing economy ensure that your company will be at the right place in Hungary.

Leinonen Hungary is a member of Leinonen Group, present in 12 European countries. Leinonen Group is specialised on serving foreign and international companies, several of them are our clients is more countries. The ultimate goal of Leinonen professionals is to enable our Clients to focus on their core business. The expertise of over 20 years and our commitment to our clients’ success is a solid background to your choice when outsourcing accounting and payroll services.

Leinonen Hungary has recently received the new ISO 9001:2015 certificate after auditing its management system again, acknowledging that quality is on top of our agenda.

We are also a proud member of the Association of Certified Accountants since 2016.

We are here to provide you with accounting, payroll and advisory services from the first step. Should you consider starting a new business in Hungary, or outsourcing the administration to the right partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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