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Employees of Foreign Employer in Hungary Sep 30

What to do if you plan to employ someone in Hungary from abroad?

Leinonen Hungary - Reliable Expertise

Hungary as Location and Leinonen as Your Business Partner 

Hungary is in the heart of Europe, member of the European Union with easy access to all its markets, and provides the lowest corporate tax rate in the region. Its geographical location, political stability and economical growth ensure that your company will be at the right place in Hungary.

Leinonen Hungary is a member of Leinonen Group, present in 11 European countries. Leinonen Group is specialized on serving foreign and international companies, several of them are our clients is more countries. The expertise of over 20 years and our commitment to our clients’ success is a solid background to your choice when outsourcing accounting and payroll services.

We are at your service with accounting, payroll and advisory services from the first step. Should you consider starting a new business in Hungary, or outsourcing the administration to the right partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Special offer in September 2016 - Without starting fee

It is our gift to the new Clients: If you sign the contract with us for accounting services in September 2016, we will deduct the starting fee from the fee of our services.

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About the Company

Leinonen is a professional and reliable accounting service provider in Hungarian markets. The Budapest Office is part of an international accountancy and advisory company Leinonen Group.

Reliable Professionals

Experience brings confidence. We have operated in the region for almost 20 years. We have in-depth knowledge of these challenging markets and want to help you discover their full potential. Contact Us.

Dedicated Customer Service

At Leinonen, the customer is always served by a professional accountant with strong communication skills and all the necessary company support functions available. Read more about Our Services.